Monday, January 12, 2009


To know well about someone, you have to know about the characteristic and the personality. Now, I want to tell you about my characteristic. It’s not only my goodness but also my badness.
One of my badness is forgetfull. I often forget to do the tasks from my teacher, so I never assign and collect the tasks. Beside that I am is a pessimistic person and easy to be hopeless. When I have a problem, I always think that I can’t survive because I have no strength. It will make me feel hopeless. However I have some goodness. The first, I’m is a care person. I help my friends if they have a problem. I will be a good istner and help them to find the solution. The second, I’m not a stingy person. For instance in time problem. I will help my friends to understand about the lessons although I have no more time to myself to study. I will teach them until they feel really understand. The last I am is a lovable boy, because I have ‘something’ that interest the other.
I want to be a better and a real person. So, I must throw out all of my badness.

First, for forgetfull, I must modify my environment. I can use a simple technique. I must often places small fluorescent reminder notes at eye level on the inside of the frame of my bedroom door. A recent one read “Remember to prepare your presentation about HOMEOSTASIS or Mr. Djohan will kill you.” ( Here I was using exaggeration to good efect).

After I’m modify my environment, I must monitor my behavior, because if I monitor what I do, I will probably do better. I can keep a record of what tasks I want to do. So, I will probably start doing all of the tasks.

Make a commitment is another key for me to throw out my badness (forgetfull), because I think when you make commitment to another person, you establish what psychologists call a contingency of reinforcement; you’ve automatically arranged for a reward if you comply and a punishment if you don’t. It puts some pressure on you, and that’s often just what you need.
For example, I can make commitment with my father or my mother.
If I don’t do homework from my teachers, my parents will kill me.
So, with this commitment I believe I can do all the homework because if I don’t do that, my parents will kill me.

If I always think pessimistic and be hopeless, it shows that I don’t trust GOD. Now, I know I must give all my problem, everything, especially my life in GOD’s hands and let GOD done for me. One thing that I remember, I never be alone because GOD always here for me. His promises are true and never be late. I want to start it with say thanks to GOD for everything I got, bad or good. For my goodness, I just want that I can serve my GOD through the people around me. I just want to forward what I had from GOD, so everybody sees and knows that GOD is really good.

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